Test Form

The following is provided as a test bed. The page is not directly accessible from the menu on the website. You can play with your form here and test it. Once it is ready to be published and used by the public you can use the shortcode below and paste this into a new page, or existing page and the form will appear there. Note that there is some hidden formatting on the form to get the border and background colour. So use Text view on this page and copy and paste all of it. Then you will pick up the additional formatting as well.

If you are working with Tony and looking to add something in for CharityLog.co.uk then it may be a better solution if there is a way to expose the Charity Log form in a window on this website and then people could add it directly. It really depends on how Charitylog.co.uk is set up.

Below is a copy of the current contact us form. But you can edit this one and play with it. Use this as a starting base. You can locate the editing side of the form in the dashboard sidebar and go to Contact. Then look for “Contact Us Form Test Example only, not live” That is the one that is below this text.

Test Contact Form

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Site Upgrade

This site was built some years ago and is not responsive (mobile friendly) I am offering existing home-start organisations upgrades to a new responsive template and checking and updating plugins, securing the site over SSL adding in Privacy Statement and a few other things for a single cost of £200. Examples can be seen here:


Upgrading to the new form system is one of the things that is included in this.

Contact me for more information: mark@wingrove-media.com

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