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Being a parent, whatever your situation, can be very difficult at times, especially when children are young. Many parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life, particularly if they have little support from family and friends when they need it most. For some parents it’s a real struggle because they are also having to cope with difficult situations like post-natal depression, their or their child’s illness or disability, relationship issues or multiple birth. That’s when parents need support. That’s when Home-Start Epsom, Ewell & Banstead can help.

A carefully selected volunteer, who has parenting experience themselves, will regularly visit a family, in their own home, offering emotional and practical support through difficult times for as long as it is helpful or needed. This friendly parent-to-parent support is a simple yet effective way of enabling families to get back on track .

Please take a moment to browse through the pages offering information on our service, how to become a home-visiting volunteer or how you could offer your time by becoming a trustee of the charity.
Maybe you could make a donation or hold a fundraising event on our behalf.  Go to our Fundraising page to find out more.

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